Bitcoin Canary in the Coal Mine?

I don’t think so. I don’t think it is the sign of the top, but maybe. It is what everyone talks about. People at work talk about it. One guy has “some” with his dad and watches the price all day. I am sure it is the talk of cocktail parties, if those exist. Maybe facebook cocktail parties. When taxi cab drivers start giving stock tips it is time to go. I bet Uber drivers are talking bit coin.

Here is an article on “related” stocks.…

CME is going to trade futures,
SQ is “involved” has invested in blockchain technology (which is not Bitcoin, it just makes bitcoins possible).
There is an ETN, which is like a shady ETF.
I see a company called RIOT Block chain (RIOT) trade by on the ticket at breakfast, has made some huge crazy moves.
Pure spec. Just like the days.

But that is a tiny part of the market. Large interest rate spikes are NOT near. Recession is NOT near. We are due a good 10% correction, but not a 20-40% bear market. Just stay unemotional. When you start to think you are a super smart investor, watch out. If you have to buy something NOW or you will miss it. Don’t. Saul has shown us good investments can be found all month long. No rush.