Bitcoin Strategy ETF's

Bitcoin Strategy ETF’s
re: Tetter Totter

In the meantime we Tetter Totter the current Bitcoins until the SEC alllows for future Bitcoin ETF’s to be traded on the open market.

For now we trade BITI / BITO / BITW for constant postive CA$H flow. Haven’t lost a dyme yet. Ooops Maybe a few shekels.

If a recession occurs, jump on to a few pairs to help protect ones ASSets while the market will be taking a pounding. In the mean time practice practice.

  1. The Dollar…UUP / UDN
  2. The GOLD …UGL / GLL

Quill -

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Here’s a chart of BITO that’s easier on the eyes.

Here’s another version.



A follow-up question. Why are you trading BITO instead of GBTC? Yeah, recently, BITO has begin to pay divs --in widely varying amounts. But GBTC makes bigger moves.


Some further followup on your pitch for trading BitCoin. If you’re willing to trade bitcoin --and I was in an out of it a couple of times a year ago-- , then why not some of the block chain stocks? If I’m remembring right, BITO has offered about 98% YTD. But some the block chain stocks have offered 5x that.

Standard Caveats. I just stumbled onto this list and haven’t yet vetted any of them.


I am tetter tottering BITO / BITI. I don’t know of any for GBTC other than Swing Trade per the rules.

Watch what will happen for the month of November.

However, I trade $ETHUSD Daily and 4-hour chart at night. But Grayscales ETHE is looking better and better at a cheaper price.

Just a thought

Quill -

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Most recently, BITO and GBTC have been offering pretty much the same money for the obvious reason they share the same underlying. But there are some subtle difference in how they trade. Here are charts for each of them with the security not identified.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather trade the second chart, which is… wait for it… GBTC.

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Good point but as you say Chefs Choice.

Now, for fun add the following Bitcoin ETFs to your pile.






Then we wait to see what happens for the month of November.

See ya around the campus.

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Do a 3-month, line chart overlay of XBTF, MAXI, and BTF on BITO. What you’ll see is there’s no material diff between them. Hence, three of them are redundant and should be ignored in favor of trading the one offers the best liquidity and the most orderliness. (IMHO, natch.)

Sold BITO and bought BITI today.

I maybe wrong but, I have two (2) separate accounts in order to avoid the T2- SEC rules. Going to have add more cash into the piggybank,

re: BITO
For side bar action, we can play the price bar (Green) over the 20 ema ( 10/16/23) all the way to the finish line and out ( 10/26/23) or if the Red line crosses back down over the 20 ema heading south. Ooooor,

Petty Ca$h - per Simon’s Werld®

revised: 12/01/2022

Petty Ca$h - per Simon’s Werld® by Quillnpenn revised 12/1/2020.

We all know everyone needs a few dollars for lunch money and or paying the car payment. Simon can do this for us.

Per Simon Sez III rules

Buy one bar after the Price Label as DAY ONE that has been posted and let it ride for 6 days and ca$h it in.

2a. Sell if within the 6 day period when the price label appears at the top to prevent any further losses.

2b. Be advised there will be some head fakes as minor losses.

Beginners, buy in multiples of 10 shares. eg. 10 20 30 40 50 100 . . . . .shares.
3a. Advanced swing traders buy in multiples of 100 shares. eg. 100 200 300 400 500 1000 … shares.

Pick a chart from your own pool of candidates or from a scanning tool showing prices right Out of The Gate.
4a. Price being the “Gate”. We use the expression “Out of The Gate” to talk about doing something right away. If you do things out of the gate, you do them without any delay.

Review the opportunities as an example of ACCO. . . . . ACP | 6
for exercise:

However, I have a scanning tool from Stock Charts that finds the stocks right Out of The Gate.

Create a pool of 10 stocks and let it rip.

Earn a substantial amount of money.

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 48 years.


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Nice graphs Charlie. Could tell us what Studies (indicators) and Settings you used for them on Barchart? I’m referring to the first two of them in this msg string.


Even free accounts at BarChart allow the saving of up to five chart templates. Which ones I use keep changing. But I’m guessing you’re asking about these two, whose parameters you can see in the headers for each chart.

My advice on building charts is this. Try every study/indicator BC offers and then settle on a couple that seem to do a good enough job --most of the time --signaling the turning points. Also, depending on one’s intentions, those turning point could be based on daily, weekly, or even monthly bars. But if you’re trying to trade intraday, then don’t use anything but price and volume. Instead, learn to read the tape.


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Thanks Charlie. I’m still exploring all the Barchart features.

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Buy one bar after the ARC or smiley face, Sell one bar after the frown face. The bottom panel will show the TSI (True Strength Index). as a confirmation for buying and selling. Drag the chart left or right for further review.
It only takes a few minutes at 9:45am EST and again at 3:30pm EST for an informed decision.
![GOLD_Barchart_Interactive_Chart_10_28_2023 (3)|690x438]

Momentum confirmation to buy and sell.

Quill -



Kudos on that 1-month chart. Simple. Clean. Actionable.

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