BKTI if interested

I came across this company by accident when I went online to order a better antenna. I had no idea the radio I use was from a small public company. I figured it came from a subsidiary of Motorola, RCA, or some such giant. So I picked up some shares (not a lot). And the first thing BKTI did was a reverse stock split, 1 for 5. That’s not a good sign. Also, options are not available on BKTI. And I have no idea what their profit margins are on their product, if there are any supply issues, do they import everything from overseas, etc, etc.
What I do know is that a lot of folks that use their radios have been up-grading to the new and improved model. The USDA FS just ordered up 2,700 (BKTI announced it on May 23rd) The Golden State already got their order in. And share price jumped up a little in the last two trading days.
Since I’ve used BK’s a lot, and hope to continue to use them for as long as I’m able to, I’ve got a little more attachment to this. But just maybe when they report in August, there might be some pleasant surprises, and a little money to be made. The May earnings report is out there if you’re interested in going over their numbers.