Black Monday #2??

Which would be Tuesday if it happened. But once you burn your hand on the stove, you stay more cautious for a while. Monday the US is closed, but Asia and Europe are open, so that could cause a snowball into Tuesday. All the traders are “back from the Hamptons” and “common wisdom” is that they can bring back volume from the summer doledrums and cause big moves.

Still, I can’t imagine another black Monday where we get crazy bargins we were not ready for. But…why not set some crazy stupid low bids on something you want. 10%, 15% down on the open? Maybe a crazy bid on an ETF because apparently the get all F’d up when there are huge imbalances caused by the death robots. Some ETFs were 20% down for a few minutes then bounce back nice. Maybe the XLK for a little tech?

Happy shopping.

(AMBA found it’s black Monday intra-day low an held today. A little gut wrenching if you had a ton of stock. Hopefully it is done.

BOFI might be finding its bottom)