Chart Chats: AMBA, ANET, etc
Ambarella got whacked by earnings and outlook as we know. It fell and stopped EXACTLY at the closing low from black Monday and held support at the 200dma. Interesting. This is what I was looking for, but I wanted it to be pulled down by a bad market, not by a bad outlook, so I am still contemplating a buy.
ANET did much like AMBA, almost down to the black Monday close AND held support at the 200dma. I am a little more interested in buying this than AMBA at this point.
CASY holding very strong, a good sign of institutional support. At this point why would there be a big sell off. Probably a good buy
AMBD also holding well.
BOFI not showing a willingness to hold of the short sellers. Held 50dma for awhile but then sliced through on strong volume, a sign of weakness.
INBK fell to the 50dma on black Monday and held, has been crawling along the trend line since and is up 3.64% at the moment. This is a good sign of strength.
SEDG had a flash crash on black Monday but finished up for the day and has held up nicely since. Hmmm, nice.
PAYC bounced back nice on Black Monday (BM) and has been stable since…
INFN bounced off the 200dma on BM and has looked strong since. Has not made it back over the 50dma.
SNCR is creaping along it BM lows, not looking too good at the moment.
SWKS got a nice bounce on BM and has held strong since. I can’t imagine we will get another shot at the short-lived BM lows.

All these are “Saul Holdings”, so meet the criteria everyone on this board is lookiing for, so how to decide which to buy in this big dip? Do the charts add a tiny bit of information? Maybe. Do they show the stocks that are still strong? yes! So maybe spread your money around between some crashers like AMBA and BOFI and some strong stocks like CASY, INBK, PAYC. Just a thought.

The full list…,SED…,BOF…


I appreciate your work. I try to pay attention to entries and do not believe that the moment I decide I like a stock is the time to buy.


Super-good information. Much appreciated by the board (I speak for the masses on this one). Thanks!

My current AMBA holding is deep under water right now, so I’m leery of adding too much more. I went in and out of ANET a few weeks back just due to bad market timing so I may kick back in. I actually own many of the others and am holding them, so we’ll see what happens…