Bloomberg: London Dealmakers Say Move to Wall Street From The City Is Just Starting

I find this interesting in that British firms punished by Brexit are now looking Eastward to NYC as a new home, and not Miami or Texas. Please don’t repeat this to our Cretin-In-Chief who rules over the Banana Republic of Florida. Thank-you. See, this might be considered “blog posting” by My Highness, who now wants bloggers who criticize him to register with the State (er, Banana Republic Of) Florida.

That tiny bit of FL news slipped out of me, and it is this story that amuses me to no end as I dropped an old friend from the UK after he went full mental Q Anon/Pro-Brexit&Trump. His argument for Brexit was that once London was re-established on the Pound Sterling, then London would suck NYC firms back to “the City.”

London Dealmakers Say Move to Wall Street From The City Is Just Starting

London’s public companies are looking to New York as a preferable market for listing their shares, with City dealmakers handling frequent inquiries from clients asking how they could shift across the Atlantic.

Just this week, it was revealed that two major companies had picked the US for their main listings ahead of London — CRH Plc, one of Europe’s biggest building materials companies, and Softbank-owned Arm Ltd., a jewel of Britain’s technology industry. It was the latest blow to the UK’s Conservative government which says it’s determined for London to prosper post-Brexit.

One senior banker said a shift in listings away from London has become the most common talking point among companies, and nearly all their clients with main revenue streams outside Britain were considering a move. Even some members of the benchmark FTSE 100 index are thinking about transferring their listings to New York, according to people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be identified discussion private information.

Do I print off the whole story and send this anonymously to my ex-friend who lost his freaking mind to conspiracy theories?

Nah, that’s bad mojo. I know that he knows what he said in heated discussions before we dropped one another is now going to eat at him. And that’s a shame because I wish him no mental harm.

I sure hope he wakes up one day and realizes 5G Towers were not disseminating COVID. That thought right there is the one which broke my mind and made me think, “He’s a time sink. I can’t waste any more time trying to bring him back. He’s gone.”

I also hope the Watkins family behind QAnon befall a major calamity that puts them behind bars for all the minds they helped destroy.


Wow, this bit tucked away in the same article should be pointed out to Bernie and Elizabeth:

More Capital, Higher Pay

Higher valuations, access to deeper capital markets and less scrutiny of executive pay are key reasons to look to the US.

“The ability to attract and remunerate senior management has been one, but clearly not the only consideration,” said Paddy Evans, head of UK equity capital markets at Citigroup Inc. “Empirical evidence supports this.”

The London market is facing threats from multiple directions. UK-listed companies are increasingly targeted by US buyout funds and other investors seeking to take advantage of a weaker pound and depressed valuations. As companies decide to stay private for longer and IPOs remain far and few between, the loss of established listed companies is an added blow.

The other European markets are small potatoes compared to London.

If London declines, does that mean Paris or Frankfurt rise? Or does that financial strength just drain to NY and Hong Kong? The article implies NY as a winner, but it seems an EU center would rise in prominence.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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What would be a world class metropolis in Europe for finance? Kiev.

Putin goes home or to his death. Kiev becomes the new capital of where East Meets West.

Plenty of minerals, metals, fertilizing compounds, PMs, rare earths, nat gas, oil, etc, which have never been taken from the ground in Ukraine. Go on a 20-year build from the gound up. Make architecture which wows and doesn’t crush the spirit like post-WWII Russian Bland (I have no idea what the Russian architecture is called, but it is a world worst - other than the blight of America’s stripmalls.)

I would have said Frankfurt too, but, after Wirecard and reading how the authorities gave them carte blanche protection for years, and then when we add Deutsche Bank’s money laundering troubles, I’ll say it will be years before any markets believe in German regulators again.

aka, an ode to concrete: Stalinist architecture - Wikipedia

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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That’s a winning link for Soviet-era architecture which I just learned was called Stalinist Architecture. This link is replete with photos of architecture that will suck the life out of you, so don’t spend too much time down Rob’s Rabbit Hole Dive Bar, right?

The Russians go overboard on interiors, like an Eastern European Donald Trump. (But I still think their subways are eye=pleasing.) The Russian elites are invested heavily in garish, over-the-top, high ceilings with ornate woodwork, gold-plating, murals, etc, busy, busy. the palaces of Putin and his oligarchs reek of overbuilding.

Russians still haven’t mastered safety windows and stairwells with handrails, have they?

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