BlueCross dumps CVS/Aetna as PBM to let Amazon do drugs

CVS/Aetna stock down 10%.

I’ve looked at Amazon’s pharmacy and it never seems to have the lowest prices. Maybe it’s just good in comparison to the “triple the GoodRx cost” price gouging I’ve been getting from Aetna? I saved $700/yr on one drug I take by using a GoodRx coupon and cutting Aetna out of the transaction.



I moved a very expensive prescription from Costco (which was cheaper than others I looked at in town) to Amazon… and saved a lot.

Then I checked Mark Cuban’s pharmacy and saved even more.

It pays to shop around from time to time.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


Good to know this. We’ve been getting the royal screw job from Aetna, Express Scripts, and CVS every time we get a new Rx. They think they know better than our PCP or our specialist and insist we don’t need the Rx that some cheapy drug is better. We have to fight tooth and nail to get what we need. Here lately where possible we’re moving everything to GoodRx and HEB. Way cheaper.

What bothers me most is that no one seems to be feeding back to the company by informing them of how crappy Aetna and Express Scripts really are. Surely I’m not alone in my feelings about them. But, hey, the fly-by-night that made the decision to go with Aetna and Express Scripts is long gone by now. Promoted, promoted, promoted and we have to live with the crap.


ImAGolfer (retired '03)


The company does not care. Lowest package price gets the deal. And the PBM giving kickbacks to the insurance company doesn’t help.

I am stuck with Express Scripts as well. However, most of my drugs are free via mail order from them. So that is what I do for those drugs. In 2024, most of my drugs will be either free or massively discounted. Only one newish drug (Trulicity) will likely still have a fairly high list price. So my actual drug costs will fall by 50+% per year.

Be interesting to see the 2024 drug formularies, and prices, change.