OT: Costco as a drug dealer

I got my flu shot at Costco on Monday (5th COVID jab - 2 standard + 3 booster was a few weeks ago) and I picked up a brochure regarding their pharma costs. While I’m on Medicare, for the heck of it, I went to Costco.com, to their pharmacy and (after signing into my account) plugged in a handful of drugs at random (azithromycin, doxycycline, ezetimibe IIRC) and found the pricing was not only cheaper than Medicare, but also cheaper than GoodRx. As in EPA gas milage, yours may differ, but it’s worth checking into.




No surprise there. I go to Costco pharma. Walmart is slightly more expensive.

There is no competition because everyone else is trying to rip the entire system off.

I am curious about one thing, do you have your Part D paying Costco? How does that stack up?

do you have your Part D paying Costco?

Depending on the chosen plan - sometimes (this year, yes), but these prices are for buying as a “civilian” “outside” of Medicare


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I switched most of my prescriptions to the mail order side of the Part D pharma benefits provider. Lots of 90-day fills for the lowest price. As I hit Catastrophic Coverage in April (due to diabetes drugs–$1k/mo for one, ~$100/wk for another, and ~$200/3 wks for a third one), I don’t sweat it after then. And this is after I no longer needed treatment for BPH (cured) or allergies (4-yr shot series completed).

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The problem around here with mail order pharma is the concern the box will be stolen and the difference in price is minimal if at all (with our insurance anyway).


That’s exactly what happened to us. We had a $200 med stolen and Express-Scripts wouldn’t give us our $200 back. Since then we have rented a P.O. Box. Only problem is the USPS has gone up on the rent every year. I might add the increases aren’t small either

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Is there no way to send the package with “signature required” selected?

Express Scripts does not offer that option for home delivery. Been there, had the same problem (stolen boxes) NOT in the mailbox. There is NO “secure” way to receive packages, believe me. I had delivery people who were supposed to get signatures just have the packages “disappear”. Last one was a $2000+ order (local delivery) about two months ago. They never did find where the box was actually delivered, but they DID replace it at no charge to me. Here is the interesting part: This complex has 24-hr video surveillance on the first floor and elevators. The pharmacy did NOT want to know what it showed.


The trade-off is a slight savings of cost vs. hanging around all day when the meds are expected to be delivered - assuming they actually ask for the signature and don’t just dump it in the building’s lobby and sign it themself.


It won’t work for vaccines, but check out Mark Cuban’s cost plus drugs for generics. Its reportedly cheaper than most places (including Costco and GoodRx).

Cost Plus Drugs is manufacturing in the US. What we do NOT know is where the APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients–i.e. the actual “drugs that do the work”, for which we are paying) are made, nor the source of the raw ingredients used to make the APIs.

Plus, they charge extra for shipping and insurance, so the cost is $5+ higher than shown. Order from Amazon Pharmacy and get free 2-3 day delivery because you likely have Amazon Prime.