Board Stuff for 2022

If you are a Fool that reads this lonely abandoned Way Station of a Discussion Board then please be aware, and do keep in mind, several thoughts.

  1. This board is overseen by the Semi-Silent Monks of the Woeful Countenance. There are many times that we will not be able to respond to commentary or posts in general. For example we could be in the fields tending the crops - at sea fishing - or perhaps in Chanting practice. If we do not respond please do not be offended.

  2. If possible, we would like to limit the daily post count to a maximum of 10 which is intended to maintain the boards low profile. If you happen to post something that pushes the board post count over 10 for the day you must say 1 Our Father and 10 Hail Mary’s. That won’t help the board any but it will be good for you.

  3. On the topic of recommending posts. If a post gets too many recommendations then it might draw attention and others might think they want to read it. But… Since there is nothing on this board that merits reading to begin with - you will be doing other Fools a great service by not recommending posts. Well…say beyond 3 to 5.

  4. lastly, please obtain the Official Posting Certificate from the Abbey before posting. To do this please call 907-683-9532and ask for Mr Gris Lee Bhaer.

Good Luck and all the Best,