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I was surprised and happy to see they didn’t close this board. On the other hand, I was pissed to see they closed some of my favorite boards. They say they closed all non-financial boards. So…how is a computer board a financial board?
Anyway, TMF are rat bums for doing this. What is their reason? Does it really take up that much space? I think not.


My take… they are tired of dealing with the “non-$-making” aspects of “their sandbox”. So they decided to make a drastic changes and forced the issue. Again, I think they are shooting themselves in the foot. Not a good biz-practice, and the visual impact? JMHPO…


The closing of boards has been hashed over endlessly all over the boards for weeks. We really don’t need yet another discussion of what has been done and will not be changed. Let it go, please.


+1 to what RH said. But if you must discuss further, try Improve the Fool. It still won’t change anything, but at least it’s on topic there.



My take… they are tired of dealing with the “non-$-making” aspects of “their sandbox”.

Perhaps - but me posting at Amazon or AMD (etc) doesn’t make any money for them, either. Maybe the moderation burden was overwhelming, or maybe it was just a boneheaded decision - it’s not like we’ve never seen any of those from the Fool over the years.


Having my post #203884 deleted proves my point
Have a nice day

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Is the vanished board content archived somewhere? Or is it an ex-parrot? ← feeble attempt at wit