How Closing boards could hurt TMF

Since this is ‘Improve the Fool board’ I thought I would post this info.
I’ve been posting on TMF boards for over 20 years. Although the last few years have been on the
‘Humor and Urban Legends’ board. I have been a very successful investor and read many of the financial boards.
My friends, workers and family know this and seek my advice on companies.
But I do not like giving advice, but many times I have recommended for them to join one of the Motley Fool’s
financial advice Newsletters.

This is just one of the draw backs of closing these non-financial boards.
Without people like me on their boards will this effect these recommendations for TMF?

Just my two cents worth!


There’s this consider, too. Many of us still posting began in the “good, old days” of AOL. Our active participation is what gave the G BoyZ the ability to expand. We are ‘co-creaters’ in every sense of that term. Now they want to throw us under the bus?