Boeing buys 2 million gallons of SAF

Boeing signed a supply agreement with EPIC Fuels for 2 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the largest purchase of SAF from an airframer to date. The fuel blend—30% SAF, 70% conventional jet fuel—will be used for production, test, and delivery flights, including fueling Boeing’s Dreamlifter cargo plane, and the fuel will come from inedible agricultural waste. This purchase by Boeing indicates the company’s continuing efforts to achieve decarbonization.

In 2022, the SAF will fuel operations in Boeing’s facilities in Washington state (Everett, Renton, and Seattle) and in North Charleston, South Carolina. Sean Newsum, Boeing’s director of Environmental Sustainability Strategy, told Avionics International, “We’ve been using SAF at Boeing for several years as part of our ecoDemonstrator program. Part of the intent of this agreement is to follow up on what we’ve been telling others—that we should use more SAF. This expands the SAF that we’ve been using and makes it part of our normal business operations.”…

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