SAF Sustainable Aviation Fuel

C&EN Jan 15 edition has article on green jet fuels. Producers can sell all they can make. Capacity is limited at present. Current production is 0.15% of global jet fuel demand.

Oil refiner Neste is largest with 1.3B liters/yr production in Finland and Singapore. A 1.8B L expansion in Netherlands is due 2024.

World Energy makes 270MM L/yr in Southern California. Expansion to 950MM L is due 2026.

Montana Renewables (also serving west coast) should have 227MM L available later in 2024 followed by an expansion to 870MM L. Great Falls, Montana.

Iata thinks SAFglobal volume will triple to 1.9B L in 2024. Nice growth but too slow to reach net zero in 2050.

Nearly all existing SAF comes from vegetable oils or animal fats. SAF from fermentation ethanol or bio-methanol is under development by Gevo, LanzaJet, and Honeywell UOP. Processes from carbon oxides (methanolysis) are under development by “Air Company,” Johnson Matthey, and Sasol.