Boeing Employee #1 Identified

CBS News has exclusive interview with new whistleblower identified as “Employee #1” in shareholder lawsuit.

I think this guy should be provided with a security detail given the number of Boeing whistleblowers who have met untimely deaths.

Whistleblower from Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems speaks out on quality issues - CBS News



Oh, boy. Here we go again.

CT has mom pop machinist shops. Someone I know was a pretty good tech but not an engineer. She worked in a tool shop on a widget for Boeing. This was about 12 years ago. She went after the older engineer for putting the heat up on the factory floor. I can not remember the degrees involved. She kept telling him it was too warm for tooling the parts.

The company had bid the parts low to get the contract. Any mistake would bankrupt the company.

Sure enough Boeing got the parts and returned the parts. Boeing would not pay and the shop went bankrupt.

12 years ago is a long time gone.

Thank God for MBAs. Someone needs to take over.

This is true. Many aircraft parts are made to very tight tolerance, so must be made under tightly controlled environmental conditions to eliminate errors due to thermal expansion and contraction. During WWII, Studebaker built a new plant to make aircraft engines. That plant was air conditioned, so the temperature could be tightly controlled. No such comfort for the people on the car and truck assembly lines in the old plant downtown.


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And I think he ought to get a fat life insurance policy, stat. That’s not advice I give often, but in the case of “Boeing whistleblower” I think it’s prudent.