Boeing whistle blower found dead


“Officially” it is being called a suicide.



We can trust METaRs to know the truth of the matter. LOL

I think we may reasonably assume that whistleblowers are under stress from multiple sources. From employers, lawyers, and when obsessed with it all even friends and family.

Not an easy path to follow. Sometimes it can be rewarding but takes lots of staying power.


I hope there wasn’t anything nefarious going on. Seems reasonable that he suffered from PTSD after dealing with Boeing’s shenanigans for so long. It happened during his deposition, he could’ve snapped after getting questioned by Boeing’s attorneys trying to deflect blame for quality issues.

Who’s ready for a class action lawsuit from QC managers claiming hostile work environment and PTSD?

A bit of recent video of him ran on the news last night. In that video, unlike the other pix I have seen of him, he did look a bit frayed around the edges. Maybe. I would like to think that USian JCs would not stoop to murder, when they think they can get off with a wrist slap, like JP Morgan always does. But then, Morgan’s corruption doesn’t kill hundreds of people.


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Do you think Putin would accept a contract job? He certainly knows how!!

At least not directly…