BOFI short squeeze on?

Watching the activity today, I was wondering how many shorts may have had $23 penciled in as a stop-loss?

I meant to mention: I no longer have a position in BOFI. Looks like I should have held thru today, but I took a small gain at least.

Just wasn’t sold on company, as there is nothing stopping Chase and others from just morphing more into online-only and having a huge brand advantage. Similar to how established auto-makers are now all touting and implementing an EV strategy.

I am long NVDA and ILMN.

Volume is really low so I don’t believe it is a “short squeeze”.


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and price came down from day’s high, too.

I was wondering if there would be a spike in volume, but it didn’t materialize.

I think it is going to take a clearing of the allegations against the company for a “spike” to occur in the price (and the corresponding LARGE short squeeze).

Or a confirmation of any of the allegations for another drop in price and potentially even higher short %.

I believe the chances are greater for a clearing of allegations, but I haven’t gotten back in, no current position.