BOFI short squeeze?

Up over 8% so far today, 55% in just over a month! No news that I see…

Don’t know if this is the short squeeze or not, but I do know that if I were still short this stock, as over 40% of the float was, I’d be REALLY nervous!

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Now up 9.3% - this is only the beginning of the short squeeze. News of the court cases hasn’t even been released. This should take days to top out and fall back.

This has been a major run and due to the 4/1 split I am very overweight in the name. I just started selling some covered calls to lock some gain in;leaving 3/4 of the shares uncovered.


Don’t know if this is the short squeeze or not…

I don’t know either; but between this month’s aggressive appreciation and today’s seemingly inexplicable spike, the only true shorts who are in the money are those that got in between Jul and Oct of 2015. I’m confident plenty of people did sell short in those months–they saw gains come in huge chunks over the next 12 months but are now watching them melt away while their opportunity costs rise (margin coverage, competing investing opportunities, etc.). Anyone else who shorted the party too early or too late is in the red.

A big move like today (explained or otherwise), following its month-long steady rise may be forcing some additional margin coverage in the short term. My best guess is we’re seeing some short trimming … but I doubt a true “squeeze” comes until resolution of the main court cases (in which case, it may be the longs who feel the squeeze!). Either way, remember that this previous week of trading will NOT be reflected in the updated short interest numbers that will soon be released (those will be as of 11/30).

The indicator I’m looking for is another Seeking Alpha piece persistently suggesting BOFI’s sky will very soon crash onto Chicken Little’s head (he still may be right, by the way; this is a pretty risky holding for me). If it comes in late or weakly, maybe a leading bear trimmed. If it never comes, maybe the bear is out after all.

They call me,


So I started this thread a few days ago and the short numbers have since come out (at least up through 11/30). Here is the latest…

It did finally drop, down to 21.5 M shares short, a drop of over 2 M since 11/15, and the lowest in over a year. Keep in mind this doesn’t include the time from 12/1 to now, when the share price has gone from $24 to $28.5, an increase of about 20% in the last 10 days since the above noted short numbers came out.

I would guess the short interest has dropped a bunch more in that time, but again, I think we’re going to need the company officially cleared of wrongdoing to really drop that short number and pop the stock price.


Yes, the % short interest of float has dropped from 42.5% down to 30.6% and as you said that doesn’t include the most recent bump likely due to a short squeeze.

There are still 20 trading days worth at normal average volume to cover all the shares that are short.