Book recommendation - Dead Companies Walking

I’m both enjoying and learning from hedge fund manager Scott Fearon’s 2015 book, Dead Companies Walking.

He focuses on the six management mistakes he thinks are most deadly:

  1. Learning only from the recent past
  2. Sticking too closely to a “formula for success”
  3. Misreading or alienating customers
  4. Falling victim to a mania (e.g. the dot-com craze)
  5. Failing to adapt to major shifts in their industries
  6. Being physically or emotionally removed from company operations

(An example I would give of dealing with #5 is Deluxe Corp., which changed from a check and form printer to being a provider of related electronic services.)

Fearon also gives at least one example of switching from selling a stock short to closing out his position and eventually going long on the same company - Cost Plus World Market.

His website was unavailable, but I found articles by him at Seeking Alpha:

I like his combination of intelligence, humor, and humility. I think he could be trusted with my money.