Bottom Fishing Israeli Stocks?

The four ETFs that track Israeli stocks have been shorts for nearly the past two years. Current events have accelerated the downtrend. Moody’s has cut Israel’s credit rating, and S&P predicts negative economic growth for the country. Clearly, Israeli stocks are going fall further and get cheaper. So this becomes the investing/trading question:

“At what point does one begin to nibble?”

The four ETFs are EIS, IZRL, ISRA, and ITEQ. Here’s the link to the Moodys comment.



Funny thing today, they all have a buy signal today per Simon Sez III rules.

As a Swing Trader so sez Simon, we could be making money at a turtles pace.

6 for 6 with zero losses. Like Lucas the spider says “let the prey come to you and not the inverse”.

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