Moody's Downgrades Israel's Credit Rating for First Time in Country's History, Outlook Lowered to 'Negative'

Moody’s decision to not only lower Israel’s credit rating, but to downgrade its credit outlook, has caught officials in Jerusalem by surprise. While it is still too early to determine the financial ramifications of the move, it represents a severe blow to Israel’s international image!


A lot of resources are going into the war effort.

Israel needs to reach a conclusion that allows business to fully resume.

The downgrade is realistic. Part of doing business.

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Why can’t the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas peacefully live with Israel? Or with other Muslims? Or with Hindus? Or with Christians?

Something has to give with the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas/ISIS.

The schism gets resolved in living peacefully based on equality. We will be a long time waiting.

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Their book! Try reading it sometime. I got about half way through.

The Captain


Nonsense. It’s not the “book”, it’s how people interpret it. Crazy in, crazy out.

Our book was used to justify slavery.

As we know, even the devil can quote scripture for his purpose.


Did you read the book?

The Captain

As is their book.

India is in-the-news for denying them a “right” that’s right from our and their books.

See the clashes in the Sahel and Somalia for more examples of stuff their book mandates and encourages, as did ours… Before 1920.

Baby steps.

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The paradox it is nothing to do with religion. It has to do with the quality of making peace. The English began powersharing out of Northern Europe. The US extends that. The first world other than China works with powersharing.

We are all at odds with religion used by some to kill others. The irony is the will to kill over religion has the Muslim Brotherhood mostly killing Muslims. It is about power not religion. Does not matter how idiotic the arguments are. Grow up! It is boring as hell listening to how half-witted the intent to murder is.

Both books are like Ouiji boards. You get them to say anything you want them to say.


All three are Jewish poetry. Some folks who are devoted would rather not hear that but that does not cause wars. Intolerance first by Muslims against Muslims and then other religions needs to stop with powersharing.

Captain you do realize it is the third book in the trilogy written by your ancestors of the Jewish persuasion. The Quoran was not written by Muslims or Christians. The Jewish slave scribes wrote it. Sounds familiar to the first two installments.

What is wrong with this post? Why object? If you keep objecting at least the mod will come and see you are unfair.

I suppose you can blame Gutenberg for all modern books.

The Captain