Bradley Airport in CT to be the next JFK airport

I’m pretty sure it would be worth while to spend billions of dollars building a 30 ft tall sea wall around JFK Airport before they’d move it to Connecticut. Unless they magically found a way to build a 20 minute high speed rail link between New York and Windsor Locks.


I doubt they will let them build a wall unless they can get Canada to pay for it. Unless…they are building it to keep migrant busses out of New York, that might work.


“Back in September, a team of scientists out of Southern California found that the New York City metro area is sinking at an average of 0.06 inches annually, USA TODAY previously reported. That number is now 0.08 inches in some areas, according to the new study…”

Wouldn’t it be more feasible for New York to build a new airport in, say, New Rochelle and keep it in-state? However, it must be noted that the airport has managed to deal with the subsidence for over 75 years now.


We have waited this long. What is a little more waiting for our opportunity?