Brexit Aftermath, Regret & Regrounding

An excellent unusual review of Britain’s Brexit disaster from a primarily social rather than economic point of view. About widespread disenchantment with governent before turing into deeper disenchantment after, and the threads of regrounding around reformed politics (and outrage at Boris & Co.) at rejoining EU.

I think the USA has undergone a parallel course since 2016, and it is interesting particularly to see gung ho Brixeteers interviewed about how their thinking has profoundly changed.

david fb
(who swore there would not be Brexit because it would be too stupid, and now sees the entire world flooded with stoopid.)


Alpha Omega

and the 22 letters in between


In other news, Britain’s supreme court ruled today that the PM’s scheme to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda is illegal, because Rwanda is not “safe”.

Undeterred, the PM will press on, changing laws and treaties as needed, to make it legal.

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