OT couldn't pass it up tho


It will turn out to be a smart move to leave the EU as far as the UK is concerned. The UK is getting demand side econ and the EU is getting supply side econ. The choice is easy.

But that is not why the UK left.

Well it better get smart quick, because every week that passes it gets dumber.

New report reveals UK economy is almost £140billion smaller because of Brexit | London City Hall.

* London’s economy alone has shrunk by more than £30billion, Mayor reveals at prestigious Mansion House dinner
  • Independent report by Cambridge Econometrics, commissioned by City Hall, shows London has 290,000 fewer jobs than if Brexit had not taken place, with half the total two million job losses nationwide coming in the financial services and construction sectors

  • Mayor of London identifies Brexit as ‘key contributor’ to the current cost-of-living crisis – highlighting evidence that it is fuelling food price increases


Labour’s platform is set to reindustrialize the UK. Elections have to happen by Jan 2025