Brief Update from Far Away

Interestingly enough - one of the prime guru investing services I follow just decided that the shallow (so far) sell-off of last week was essentially enough to generate micro entry level buying activity (and/or adds for stocks already owned) in some of the companies that just recently went on care free, happy dance, over-the-top runs, which were based only on being connected to AI. Generally speaking, in a sort of general way, some of those stocks have started to retreat a bit and that is exactly where the service I am speaking of found fringe motivation to enter/add to their scientifically targeted targets; All of which, normally would have triggered my attention and interest and perhaps found its way into my investing regimen - my overall portfolio grip being more horizontal than perpendicular at the moment as in - it is what it is. However, I held firm for the moment although I can’t say what might happen during next weeks festivities. Just why I held firm to staying rock steady with what I got is profoundly two-fold - if not marginally simple:

  1. I like my current Roster.

  2. I forgot this one.

These exact same investing gurus are predicting (as are a lot of other folks) a pesky recession later this year or early next - in which case; stocks might be expected to normally lose 10-20% - or some such. And hereabouts is where I found the point:

To the degree one acknowledges the recessionary potential and/or timeline setup that we now have - why invest more funds in companies that you believe are going to fall off a cliff in the near future? Why not trim to the the basic STARTER group - and hoard cash for more profitable entry price points? Not quite fully on board with that concept just yet but certainly trending in that direction. Although, SMCI, AMD, and even ENPH (which this particular service called perfectly) among others, are beginning to look a lot better for additions and adds in general. All of which I consolidate into thinking that if they look better now then they will look even better In the future IF the expected recession actually occurs. Savvy?

And then there is this peculiar little company: NNOX

Price: $15.83
Range: 5.31 - 22.69
About 33% Below its High
Market Cap: $870M
Momentum: YTD +122%/ Last Month: -18%

Here is description of what NNOX does:

“Nano-X Imaging Ltd. develops a commercial-grade tomographic imaging device with a digital X-ray source.”

Now when I first read this I immediately jumped to the conclusion that NNOX was making some sort of glasses that enabled folks to have a sort of Superman like x-ray vision - and that would be a nice niche to participate in. But then my dreams were dashed when I read further:

"The company provides teleradiology services and develops artificial intelligence applications to be used in real-world medical imaging applications. "

And how do they do this?

"Its X-ray source is based on a digital micro-electro-mechanical systems semiconductor cathode. "

Here is what NNOX says about NNOX:

“We aim to build a global infrastructure for medical imaging, combining powerful technologies: Our digital MEMS source, AI solutions, and teleradiology solutions for an end-to-end imaging solution.”

After reading all that I still have no entirely accurate idea or definitive concept of what exactly they might do; why it might be head and shoulders above whatever the industry does currently as its norm - and/or; why an investment in the company might be reasonable as a particularly good idea currently. Some investing folks evidently think NNOX is a good investment and perhaps one might ask oneself why they might feel any other way. It’s a lot less difficult; albeit complicated in an investing sort of way than perhaps deciding to get into the ring with Muhammad Ali during his prime - which would simply be a relatively quick decision on physical survival. One has to pace ones self as it were.

Here is their most recent ER:

Nanox Announces First Quarter of 2023 Financial Results and Provides Business Update | Seeking Alpha

And the CC Transcript"

And the follow-up Headline:

Reck Neck Interpretation: They did good - the stock spiked upon future promise - and has since fallen off.

Some Scouting Reports:

So there you have it: NNOX in a nutshell…sorta.

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