Nice Relief Rally!

The question is of course - will it hold? We’re back above the Nasdaq 13K level and have once again rebounded strongly from the 12,500 range. Just as importantly - we’re had two strong positive days in a row.

Today I unpacked some of the extra shares padding the STARTERS from RTHG strategy. Still got some depth there to go - but its a shot in the dark toward getting back to normal allocations. Although - having some cash in the portfolio just feels better and provides options for taking advantage of opportunities where I think I find them. Or something like that.

Nothing much has changed in the lineup over the last few days:


  1. DDOG

  2. MNDY

  3. ZS

  4. BILL

  5. SNOW

B) The Bench

  1. S

  2. UPST

Couple of the companies are jockeying for position with DDOG, MNDY and ZS bunched at the top followed by BILL and SNOW and S and then UPST.

The plan for tomorrow is simple: if the market reverses downward, dependent upon the depth it sinks to - I may add back all the shares I trimmed today. On the other hand - if the market continues to rally I am committed to not doing anything to stop it.

All the Best,

Note: With all those positive gains today - it probably wouldn’t hurt much to grab a few cans of Dinty Moore and head to the local Food Bank. Hungry folks sure would appreciate it and you would be that dashing, invincible, masked hero of your youth.


I own most of the above but added VCSA a property manager for rental unit owners to help deal with AIRBNB VRBO minutae like advertising And hiring cleaners

Hi SonnyDay1:

Interesting company. Just curious - did you own it before yesterdays ER or purchase shares based on that report?

Generally, what VCSA does is outside my investing wheelhouse but their niche and Rev Gro certainly isn’t. Appears to be a lot of upside as travel takes off again and new go into summer.

Any additional thoughts from your perspective?

All the Best,

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