BRK vs S&P Jan 2024
Elon Musk has emerged as a champion of free speech in Brazil, where concerns of a growing dictatorship have sparked widespread support for his actions. Amidst the backdrop of a perceived threat to free speech and innocent people, Musk’s efforts to expose these issues have garnered significant praise and gratitude from the Brazilian people. The hashtag #FreeSpeechBrazil has been used to rally support for the cause, emphasizing the importance of free speech not only in Brazil but globally, as other countries could potentially face similar challenges.


Couldn’t agree more, Divi.

Bolonaro tried to suppress free speech, Lula is doing exactly the same. And he did this in the past too. He previously got several of “his” people into the Highest Court (STF) then, earning the fruits now: The anti corruption NGO “Transparency” reported about the backlashes in the fight against corruption — one week later the STF judge Toffoli initiated investigations against “Transparency” because of supposed illegal financing from abroad. Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

Left as well as right both hate free speech - I for one am grateful that Elon is a powerful free speech advocate.


Waiting patiently. Musk is not going to lose this AI wave.


TSLA shares are now 85% of our family portfolio. We were lucky and qualified to own some SpaceX shares too. We are selling BRKB periodically for living expenses.

Had an intuition that the opening of Shanghai would be a catalyst back in the day, but it ran up so high so quickly it made our heads spin. No one except Emmett Peppers predicted that big run.

August 8th the small compact/robotaxi will be unveiled and my guess after watching Joe tegmeyer’s daily drone videos of GigaTexas, the pilot lines for Robo are being fleshed out as we speak. Just a guess. Smart doing development work at GigaTexas, so that the engineers do not have to move away.

My guess is that if interest rates drop substantially, then that could be a catalyst.

However, it is impossible to predict when the fear of being left out triggers speculation in the large managed funds.

Have not followed short interest on anything. Has anyone kept up with shorting indexes or specific stocks?

We have a friend who works with robots for a good sized teaching hospital and bought Nvidia early, against his financial advisor’s advice.

Now, he is kicking himself that he did not back up that truck.

I have mixed feelings about Nvidia at this level, but kinda busy with other things. Has anyone researched it and wants to share?

Thanks to all of the kind board members who have shared their ideas truthfully in the past.

Thanks to Michael Servett for sharing his ideas about charitible giving. Am giving a little SusanO style secretive charity to people I encounter. That is kinda fun actually. You can really help struggling people whom you admire that way.

Our big regular charity is the Food Bank.

Too bad we in America do not have better candidates for President.

Cannot imagine hiring either one of them to do anything for our family. Of course, we trust in Warren and Elon.

If Elon had had such a good father inlaw as Susan Thompson’s dad to explain human behavior to him, maybe Elon would be less in everyone’s face.

It is painful to watch, yet, not selling​:rocket::rocket::rocket:





Democrats were not willing to make a change to a sitting president is somewhat you can understand (may not agree), but GOP didn’t put up real fight to Trump is actually scary. Half of the country is subscribing to Trump is more dangerous. But at the end of the day these candidates are the best options presented by each party. So they reflect America. The American electoral system effectively makes sure there cannot be another party. It is a shame that 300 million people can be represented by just two parties. Perhaps a parliamentary democracy might have produced more parties, as opposed to the executive democracy.


I don’t know much about parliamentary systems, but wonder if that might be better. Can’t imagine any such change being possible.

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Because the President is the top of the ticket, without a strong Presidential candidate you cannot compete at congress, even state level. Trying to create a 3rd party at national level is very difficult. A 3rd party has to start at state level and spread. But that is simply impossible in current electoral system. The reason Tea party didn’t split from GOP, and the uneasy coalition is because of that. That unease, that is traditional GOP values, are very different from Tea Party, the only thing they have in common is they don’t want Democrats to come to power, is tearing not only GOP but the nation is something we are witnessing.

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TSLA price is $147 and market cap is $468B. Getting close to my <$140 target price.

Elon has entered war time mode. Its going to be Tesla vs OpenAI show for next 10 years and Elon is not going to lose this battle.

Buy your tickets now, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.


divi20, I’m curious how you arrived at your price target of $140. It sure looks prescient at this point!!

The $140 is not a prediction of the price movement but my internal view below which Tesla will be undervalued by a significant margin of safety.


I have a Tesla Model Y which I view as a great car. This month we all have access to FSD for free on a trial basis. I have been using it for the past 10 days. Initially I was very interested. The current price is now $8,000. I no longer am interested. For me it is too quirky and challenging to use. It has some great features but some drawback as well. It requires constant interaction with the steering wheel. You just can’t leave your hands on it but it constantly requires you to juggle the wheel. However, if you jiggle it too little it doesn’t it does not record it, but if you jiggle too much it kicks you out and you have to reset. If this happens more than a few time on a trip it cancels you out for the remainder of the trip. Then the normal cruise control is not available either. I find this very frustrating.


I agree that nag is annoying.

The regulators NHTSA mandate that you jiggle the steering wheel to prove you are awake. I think Tesla can monitor your face but that is not enough.

In my X I can use the scroll bar which is much easier.

This isn’t exactly how it works. If you ignore it (not jiggle the wheel, or not turn a knob on the wheel) after it reminds you, it will remind you harder (in red instead of in blue). If you ignore it some more, it’ll flash red and beep, and if you ignore THAT, then it’ll kick you out of FSD mode and make you drive completely on your own for the rest of that trip. If it kicks you out this 5 times in some period (a week I think), then it will disable FSD for a week. I used it all month, every day, almost every trip, and it hasn’t kicked me out once. Jiggling the wheel only needs to be in one direction, so a short jab almost always satisfies it. I hate the nag (as they call it), but I understand why it exists for now. I’m also not paying $8k for it, but I might pay $100 a month in months that I plan to drive a lot.

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My 2019 "Toyota RAV4 lane assist function does NOT nag me if I don’t giggle the wheel when it wants… It just stops working and the car will “drift” whatever direction.

The Toyota lane assist will alert me that I’ve strayed too far, but ONLY AFTER THE TIRES ARE OVER THE LINE. Ie IN YHE OTHER LANE!

Most of the time it will “wander” from side to side… Sometimes it’s not notable, other times…wow!
If it comes to a place with no lane lines, or an exit… Who knows what it’ll do.

About 30% of the time, I’m FIGHTING it, to keep the car from BOUNCING between the lines. I get TIRED.

But my Toyota doesn’t nag me.

Most people missed what Elon said in the conference call. They are still missing what Elon said about Inference chips.

  • Tesla’s inference chips and system is very good (better for Tesla’s use case than Nvidia)
  • NVidia’s revenue from inference chips is 40% today
  • Long term inference revenue potential is 100x of Training chips revenue
  • Demand is very very high
  • Tesla plans to monetize this. They have the OS, cooling, supporting board complete and operational in every car !
  • When the car is idle and owners allow, the inference chips will be used
  • Will generate a profit for the car owner and Tesla
  • 2 million cars are operational and more coming online everyday. That’s a massive capacity.
  • Next gen of chips are 4x better

What’s up with all the layoff’s?? I heard they did another lay off today…

Elon slipped. Tesla over hired. FCF negative due to investing in AI. He is now in massive correction mode at the same time change of Tesla focus.

Wartime Elon is ruthless, has thought clarity and conviction on AGI and Robotics on $T opportunity with highly focused small teams. This is how Pivot looks.

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