BRK vs S&P Jan 2024

There is a lot of noise, lies and misleading information. There are many vested interests from woke left to oil economy proponents to Tesla haters who promote these stories.

Tesla did not have room for the chips and instead of paying for inventory to sit idle, xAI took ownership and housed them and paid for them.

Lot of long term holders have recently completely sold their positions. Many sovereign/ pension funds are opposing the pay package. Everyone knows, Musk is Tesla. The pay package is slowly morphing into a binary event.

Hope everything works out.

You changed topic from Nvidia chips to Elon’s comp.

Elon’s comp is based on what was the agreed upon deal in 2018 with the shareholders (73% approved). He worked without any comp for for 6 years and achieved all the herculean milestones set.

The Delaware judge ruled against it based on some shareholder who said they did not have all the information before voting. Now the revised comp plan is again up for voting.

We will know on Thursday.

It is all about Elon’s commitment to Tesla, and the conflict of interest. I think the risks are well articulated and documented. The bulls see past the risk. Good luck.

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Isn’t there something contradictory in this assertion.

That place is so busy now, nobody goes there anymore.

<< Isn’t there something contradictory in this assertion. >> I don’t know how anyone can misread what I posted. Elon’s commitment to Tesla is questionable and his actions show a serious of conflict of interest. This is not the first instance.

I have no skin in the game so it is all academic to me. You bet with your money. But don’t let commitment bias blind you. It is one thing to understand the risk and discount it, but arguing that is not a risk…

Good Luck.

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