BRK vs S&P - March End



Thanks. Plus the spy options are liquid.

I last bought a significant amount on 3/23/20. Nailed the bottom.

A pleasant result, but even nailing the bottom and buying at 0.93x last known book produced a slightly worse return than SPY.

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That’s not the right way to look at it. You are not a money manager and you don’t have to beat the Index or other benchmark. You bought at a great price, just be happy.


That is not true. Everyone has a choice to just DCA in S&P index. We all think we are smarter. Most of us are not (including WEB).

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Listen I understand index investing but that doesn’t mean it is the panacea for everything or everyone can do DCA.

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The original point is when one makes an investment, there is an option of buying the index.

This is carrying over 35% cash during this period. Imagine if I had deployed that cash…

The Account where I carried 20% cash, had YTD 10.5%

Not sure what this chart is and what your point is ?