BRK vs SPY vs MKL - 15 year chart

You didn’t need to read ANY financial news for last 15 years or know accounting.
You would have done better than the smartest and most knowledgeable minds.


If I knew the things I know now 20 years ago, I would have saved a lot of money on advisor fees, commissions, and the chasing of magical funds. :frowning:


The simple solution is to dollar cost average in the S&P index for next 15 years

Ignore the noise about China, Powell and Fed, Ukraine, Debt, Inverted curves, Shiller PE etc.

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Hey divi,
Message received over and over and over and over and over and over again. Enough again.


A few points.

a) This is a Feb update chart
b) You will be surprised how many people think they can time the market.
c) Gentle visualization helps. It is free.

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Yes, Divi is obsessed with “BRK vs. SPY” and his mission in life apparently is to convince everybody that the latter is better. Now, as the new spokesman of the board, with the majority of posts by him (as most others left), that mission is nearing it’s completion (Mhm, what will he do then?).

In defense and appreciation of Divi: I am grateful to have him, because while I am usually looking at another, more serious Berkshire board at, from time to time when that gets too boring I can have a look here to be entertained by the new cheerleader.


Maybe. The thing he never explained is why he believes the next 10 years will be like the past 10 years. And has no possibility of being like the 60s or the 70s or the 80s or whichever of the many 10 year periods BRK outperformed handily. Furthermore, what evidence is there that neither of the two new guys have learned enough from WEB to be just as good, or nearly as good, as he is at allocating the capital?


BRK size is large now. Nothing like it was in in 1960s or 1970s. Law of large numbers and universe of available elephants.

Web will likely not be the CEO and Munger will likely not be here in 15 years.

BRK is not a company any idiot can run. It does not have any core competency like Apple or Coke.

WEB has made these sophisticated maneuvers in last 15 years but underperformed the S&P500 index.

My point is overall dollar cost average in the index. Don’t try to time the market and be a blind follower.

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I want to add one more, an all-time winning stock pick like Apple, with $100 B gain, is a once in 100 year stock pick even for someone like WEB. What are the chances of repeating it???


I agree there is lots of very smart people on the board with thoughtful posts. What’s the point though ?


The board format is the reason to leave is unconvincing. But the new board did manage to take away almost all the traffic, at least from this board.