Broken Britain is a fact

I’m surprised that only 76% think that we are worse off:

The Government has also sunk to a record low on being seen to be doing a bad job on managing the economy, taxation, public expenditure and scores dismally on improving the health service, and badly on dealing with crime, and managing immigration.

…and the really sad thing is that I can’t see the main opposition party, The Labour Party, doing much better :unamused:

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If I were you I’d head to France. Just surrender yourself on the other side of the Chunnel.

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It’s not that bad :slight_smile:


Leaving the EU was the nail in the coffin!


We can add more nails into that coffin. I am sure of it paddy.

Agreed! While working for Arm during this process I heard a lot about Brexit, and none of it good. Great Britain did the EU correctly. Be in it for the trade deals, the ease of travel, especially for work, etc. But… but… keep your own currency. That was key! Then some were coerced into thinking it was a raw deal and exiting would make things better. Oops!


The National Health Service is in a crisis?


nah the conservatives are just cheap