Buffett the most generous CEO, control person

of any public company in American history. He doesn’t get enough credit for basically working for free plus team brk never took a dime of equity from us via options, etc. For the past 20 years it’s always been fun to predict Buffett’s moves, a few years before he makes them. Where do we go from here?

Buffett will sell at least another 50 billion apple by year end. With 250 billion plus cash he will try to find elephants but if he can’t he has plan B. He will amend his current estate plan and gift 75 -100 billion of his shares to the foundation, shortly after passing. The foundations will be instructed to sell ALL the shares to brk at 1.1 xs BV. This move will be slightly dilutive to BV but,very accretive to IV, which is great for the partners he leaves behind. The foundations can expedite their great work by enjoying the proceeds from the sales of these shares, quickly, rather than over a 5-10 year time period. This would be Uncle Warrens last great gift to society and his partners. He could do this in a smaller way prior to passing in several traunches during the next few years.

Good luck, thanks for the journey!

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I still think WEB is going to clean up the equity portfolio, leave some big positions that are easy for Greg to manage and going to do 1 or 2 elephant deals. I don’t think he is going to leave $200 B to greg.

He might not be able to find fair value, if not, a large sale to brk at 1.1 xs BV makes sense for everyone.

You are talking like regular Berky crowd. Look what WEB has done vs what you think he should do. The buybacks are primarily Class A shares which has voting power and he is taking it from the market. The foundation is not going to have a huge cash at its disposal, rather steady stream of cash they can use.

If you observe big foundations, large cash balance often has not helped the cause, but the cash is squandered. WEB knows this.

What many folks fail to recognize (in my opinion) is WEB moved away from Berkshire being a stock trading company (i.e., invest float to earn excess return) to a conglomerate that runs bunch of operating companies.
All the companies including insurance subsidiaries will send the excess cash to HQ, and HQ will make capital allocation. You have to view the equity positions in that lens, i.e., huge equity positions, or outright purchase. The equity holdings have to pay significant dividend, which will be part of the capital allocation strategy. WEB knows folks who follow him cannot meet the bar he set with investments. So he is not going to leave the cash to make equity investments, rather he is going to buy companies, or have very huge stake. The bulk of the $200 B cash is going to be deployed pretty soon.

Berkshire and WEB has a long time frame, he doesn’t have to worry about getting fair value, he needs to get a good business or two and let Greg manage them.

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He’s been looking for years, fair value isn’t out there. Why over pay for anything, buy brk.

“” If you observe big foundations, large cash balance often has not helped the cause, but the cash is squandered. WEB knows this."

WHERE do you come up with this ? Google the Gates Foundation and see what they have done with Buffett’s money.

A foundation run by the principal. Don’t cherry pick…

Which Foundation do you believe will receive half of Buffett’s wealth ? You think the other recipients are, squandering, Buffett’s wealth ? Who tells you this nonsense?