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Found this link on the NVDA board here on the fool (a pretty quiet board truthfully).


I’m a pretty happy NVDA owner as of about 6 months ago. Wish I owned a larger piece of the pie it has risen in price so quickly I am a bit shy of buying more (have 100 shares) not looking to sell them on short term moves, hope to long term hold. I do have a lot of questions about how far how fast the automotive revenue is going to grow because I am not comfortable with the perceived leader Telsa taking us there and the high hurdles to solve overall with self-driving cars. Also not sure how much room there is for expansion in the gaming industry that has been an area of fast growth for them.
Anyone here own it with comments they would like to share?


I own some of it. I will let the numbers talk for it.




Hi soycapital.

I’m pretty happy with my NVDA too. I’ve owned it for more than a decade and I have to say that I didn’t really see the last two years coming. It’s the kind of surprise I can live with! I am just beginning to follow NVIDIA more carefully than I used to, but I’m certainly not up-to-speed yet. You’re forewarned…

While Tesla may be the perceived leader (I’ve seen other opinions), I don’t think anyone has ceded the market to them. That said, there are certainly a number of chip-makers trying to penetrate the automotive market; NVIDIA has a pretty sweet niche right now, though. My opinion is that we won’t have to wait for self-driving models to reach production before volume ramps. I think testing will ramp volumes slowly but surely; the hockey stick curve will kick in with production assuming NVIDIA still has the most desirable chip at that point. Direct competitors could steal share now that they’ve been alerted to the potential markets involved. Other types of chips could prove more attractive for production models of self-driving cars – I’ve seen commentary that NVIDIA’s chips are great for learning, but other types of chips may have advantages executing the instructions from an already-learned knowledge-base. I’m not sure how accurate that assertion is yet. If true, though, it could be that NVIDIA is working towards that type of chip – who knows?

As far as the gaming market goes, are you aware of the eSports phenomenon? If not, you might want to check into it. From what I’ve heard, it is quite popular, and may drive additional sales in the non-professional market. If I’m not mistaken, Amazon bought a company a couple of years ago, or so, that streams eSports to capitalize on its popularity.

Just some semi-random thoughts on a Friday evening.

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