I Think NVDA Will Acquire TSLA

Just makes so much sense to me. NVDA is a leader in ML, AI, and GPUs. Wants to lead autonomous vehicles…who’s got the best chips, most data, high quality vehicles, and getting cheaper? Tesla!

I’d like this as a NVDA shareholder.

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No way. It would undermine NVDA’s ability to sell to other manufacturers. This won’t happen.


Seriously, seriously doubt this would be considered.

NVDA is a very well-run company, which generates lots and lots of earnings and cash flow. They outsource their manufacturing (making them capital-light), which is a big part of why they’ve been able to generate the returns that they have.

Alternately, Tesla burns and burns cash. They have shown a profit for something like 3 quarters out of the last 30-40. Their business model is to be as vertically-integrated as possible to eliminate all the sub-pieces of manufacturing a car which all need to have their own profit margin. Building cars is a very capital-intensive business.

Additionally, NVDA already has something approaching 400 different partnerships in the automotive space and has an opportunity to be a supplier for a large, large number of different companies.

As an NVDA shareholder and a Tesla short (via OTM put options), I would very much hate to see such a move be considered.

Long NVDA/Short TSLA is a great pair trade, imo.

disclosures above


More likely hypothesis.

Musk is forced out as CEO or made to take sabbatical of some length of time. New CEO is appointed for a least a period of time. Major goal will be to shore up Tesla and make it a more viable company. This will likely have a large desire to reduce Tesla footprint and cost structure. Good chance that would include shelving expensive projects like say, oh, trying to in house develop AV chips. Tesla re-engages Nvidia’s newer platform for the future.




Darth, I believe that is what SHOULD happen. We’ll see if it does. There is a reason why most car companies are not vertically integrated and out-source a lot of stuff. Heck, even my 1992 Corvette had a German manual transmission, Australian brakes and rear diff, etc. etc. etc. There’s just zero reason why TSLA should be trying to make their own chips for crying out loud.

Until someone tweets out “Funding secured,” I won’t believe it.


Just makes so much sense to me.

Makes NO sense at all to me. Let GM buy Tesla.

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Not wanting to sound snarky, Aleeb…but are you just kidding?

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I think “this shall pass too” and Musk will continue run the company for next 10 years…

I am looking for TSLA stock to fall further so i can buy some… will be really attractive to buy <$200

Looks like a settlement. Musk out as chairman of the board for 3 years. Stays on as CEO.

So probably as far as company goes not a long changes.

Looks like a settlement. Musk out as chairman of the board for 3 years. Stays on as CEO.

It’s incredible when you think of it as a $40M tweet! Wow.