buying opportunity ?

For UBNT ?

I bought some today.
Hope I am not missing something here.


I couldn’t find any news on UBNT; so I didn’t add to my position not knowing the reason for the price decline.

Did you add to your position solely because of the price decline?

I added to my position because the stock was down over 6% for no reason that I could find. So I viewed today as an opportunity to add more to my 3.5% position.

Right or wrong ?..time will tell :slight_smile:


I am long UBNT, so I would like to see the price increase again.

In the meantime, I wish you well!

Someone on the MF RB Ubiquiti board went to the Wispapalooza in Las Vegas for the new UBNT product unveilings and was very impressed with a lot of new products (“awesome”). However, perhaps some analyst was expecting one more product that wasn’t there… Who knows (shrug)?

Or it was buy on the expectation, sell on the news.

Also, UBNT was unchanged yesterday when the market was off a bunch, so perhaps it was just catching up, now that the Wispapalooza is over. (I think).



From comments section in seeking alpha on this link:…

Stock is getting hammered because of FTNT, NOK, ERIC, CSCO, all networking stock are getting hammered today! Time to buy!

Specifically Ericsson pre-earnings warning.
Not sure if this means UBNT could be taking share or if the whole industry slowed this quarter in EMEA and Brazil.
Also last year there was a similar buy the rumor sell the news around Wispapalooza and the stock tanked 15%. One year later and it is up 70% from there, so…

this is all sector ETF selling and what not, been in this name for years, not about to sell with all these spokes in the fire, just added 1/3 to my position

Have not verified the above. But if true could be a buying opportunity.


“networking stock are getting hammered today”

Yep, FFIV, too!