Buying Stock in the Casino

I don’t mean literally buying casino stocks, though you could have followed in David Gardner’s footsteps some years ago and made a lot of money shorting Trump Resorts & Casinos.

What I mean are stocks of companies that operate the stock market or deal in investing-related information.

For example, NASDAQ itself (NDAQ).


FDS - Factset Research Systems
ICE - Intercontinental Exchange (operates NYSE and some OTC exchanges)
MCO - Moody’s
SPGI - McGraw-Hill Financial (includes S&P, J.D. Power & Associates)
VALU - Value Line
MORN - Morningstar
CBOE - Chicago Board Options Exchange
TROW - T. Rowe Price

I think Fidelity is privately held. Vanguard is private.

I have shares in FDS and NDAQ. TMF recommends FDS, NDAQ, ICE, and possibly others.


Interesting idea. I start by looking at charts

                                                        20y    15y   10y    5y
FDS  [](
ICE  [](    -      -   10.6% 19.9%
MCO  [](
SPGI [](
VALU [](
MORN [](   -      -    6.8%  8.5%
CBOE [](   -      -     -   28.8%
TROW [](

From that initial look I’d be interested in FDS and TROW

Denny Schlesinger


I think TROW’s chart is a little weak - usually worse than the S&P 500.

I agree that FDS is worth a look. I learned about FDS from Fred Martin, who wrote “Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks: Lost Growth Stock Strategies from the Father of Value Investing”.

I don’t mean that I know Martin personally; I looked at the holdings of his investment firm and its mutual funds -

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