Byrna Non-Lethal Pistols -- completely legal

Looks like a good idea. But will it stop the crack-addict trying to break down my front door?

Maybe pepper spray is just as effective?

(360) Ghetto Thug Gets Bear Maced After Attacking Man with Stick - YouTube



So, it’s a CO2 pellet gun?

History bit: the US Army was fighting an insurgency in the Philippines at the turn of the century. The standard sidearm at that time was a .38 revolver. The Moro rebels were distinctly unimpressed by the .38. Soldiers started writing home to their parents to send them a .45, as they needed more stopping power. Hence, the Army started development of the M1911 .45 automatic.

We have all seen video on the news of the police shooting a guy with a taser, repeatedly, to little effect. And a CO2 pellet gun is supposed to stop someone?

The lack of effectiveness of a .38 against the Moros made it into the story in a movie I stumbled across a few weeks ago. A Moro rebel attacks the US Army commanding officer of the garrison. Three lieutenants standing nearby pull out their .38s and start shooting. Eventually, too late to save the Army CO, the Moro drops. That evening one of the lieutenants says words to the effect “i can’t believe I kept missing that guy”. Gary Cooper, who plays a doctor, walks into the room, after completing a post-mortem on the Moro, and says “you didn’t miss”, as he shows the Lt the 5 .38 slugs he dug out of the Moro.


My guess is that if you point something that looks like a gun - at someone who has a gun - you are probably going to wind up in the dirt motel.


brings to mind the old adage: " don’t bring a knife to a gun fight ".

But,otoh, might be a good thing in gun crazy America, potentially less lethality for mass shooters.