California Real ID application

DW & lady friends are traveling to Boston, later, this year, so maybe it would be good to get Real ID’s, so I looked it up, fumbled my login, but gt at least the point of applying, need to gather some paperwork before I actually go for it… The video on this page explained a bit, such as if I already have a CDL, and just need the update…

Still need to go into the DMV it seems…

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Weco, I run in to you all over.

I think I have relayed the story on METaR, but I’ll float it again. When my Michigan license was up for renewal, there was a slip about “real ID” included in the form mailed to me by the state. The slip said I needed to present a birth certificate or, iirc, a passport, to have my license upgraded to “real ID”.

No problem I said, grabbed the birth certificate I have had all my life, and headed over to the Secretary of State office. The clerk looked at that certificate, and said “that isn’t a birth certificate. that is a souvenir from the hospital”. I said “it was good enough for the Navy”, but she was unimpressed. I was directed to obtain an official, certified, birth certificate.

In Michigan, birth records are kept by the county clerk. Fortunately, my life’s wanderings have delivered me back to the county where I was born, so I drove down to the Wayne County branch clerk office a few miles from home and ordered the certificate. Fortunately, I had decided to take care of the license a few weeks before the old one expired, so the few days waiting for the certificate to be created was not a problem.



Aye, they may have been a tad picky, since we have our up to date passports, that should keep 'em happy, we’ve, so far not bothered with the Real ID, but might as well dive in at some point…

But from our home base here in Sonoma County, CA, we’ve done a bit of wandering around the globe, glad we did it while we were younger.

First trip overseas, besides Hawaii, was to Greece in September of 1979, a week on a land tour, then a week on a small (150 passengers) ship, with stops at Santorini, Turkey, Rotes, a lot of Ancient Greece… Fun trip…

If you have a passport it is easy-peasy. Just add some utility bills or such that show your current address and you’re good to go.

By the way, implementation of the Real-ID requirements for flying have been postponed again.

After years of delays and enforcement issues, the Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that the Real ID Act would not be enforced beginning May 2023 as previously scheduled. The new rollout date is set for May 2025.


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