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Long story made short, I elected to have the IRS mail me a refund check because I figured I may as well make the interest rather than them. So, instead of the refund, they have asked me to prove I am who I say I am and I’ve used - big rigamarole including facial recognition to match to your driver’s license, etc. Worked well for me - not so well for my wife whose driver license photo wasn’t even close to her current appearance and we needed to do a video call.

Anyway, now that we could prove who we were, we were able to get PIN’s at the IRS which should eliminate all sorts of potential risks. Ranks right up there with freezing my credit accounts. (Of course the new credit card mailed to me which was used before arriving won’t be helped by any of this).

Also noticed some interesting medical price comparisons at the bottom of the generic site:



That is true for all financial institutions now.

Except for BoA, Wells, Citi, Chase, and others possibly Vanguard, Fidelity etc…

And you know what? When someone stole my identity this year they went online to BoA and opened Merrill and BoA accounts in my name. That is only doable online when the identity thieves do not need to present a license.

As I said everyone now wants a license online.

But the major banks and financials do not. The major financials have no problem opening accounts for identity thieves online. They do so immediately upon request.

Go into one of their branches you will need a license to open an account.

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