Call - new product

I increased my stake in call today.

I’m betting the product, magicjack Go will be a success. Always a gamble with retail technology, but I think the retail partners, Latin America tier 1 partner, and the need for a good consumer mobile VoIP solution has a decent probability of success.

From the last quarter call:
We advised on our last call that, when ready with substantial change, a new device launch app redesign attribute to a better customer care experience, we would invigorate our television and digital marketing campaign. We’re close to completing that chapter. By the end of Q2, the last wastage of the old magicJack will be behind us. The total refresh of magicJack brand and product platform will see expand our marketing to a broader set of customer segments that the company has ever done in the past and we’re committed to meeting the demand of customer seeking compiling, value-price calling services and extending the reach of our offerings to a broadening market of global customers.

This post is in gratitude to the people on this board who researched the company.