Canada: Banning Single Use Plastics

Independent headline: How and why Canada is banning single-use plastics

Subheadline: Canada says the ban will eliminate more than a million tonnes of plastic waste and will help reduce the country’s planet-heating carbon emissions

Saphora Smith
Climate Correspondent
1 hour ago…

The types of single-use plastics in the ban include checkout bags, cutlery, plates and bowls, stirring sticks, ring carriers such as those placed around drinks cans and most straws.


The government has said the ban will come into effect in December but to provide businesses enough time to transition, and to use up existing stocks, the sale of these items will be banned a year later, in December 2023.

The government will then go on to ban the export of those plastics by the end of 2025 to try to help tackle international plastic pollution.


Meanwhile, in India, sugar cane waste is now being turned into biodegradable containers:

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Will clear plastic film be banned?

Remember good old cellophane? Is that a plastic? Will it be banned? I think its a cellulosic film similar to rayon. We certainly know that nitrocellulose wss once used in movie film. That changed to “safety film” ie cellulose acetate.

The ability to see food like meat or produce through clear plastic film is important to many. These days polyethylene or Saran Wrap (originally poly vinylidene chloride) will be difficult to live without.

Is waxed paper ok? Can it be transparent?

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Had to give ya a rec for “poly vinylidene chloride”.

It’s nice to see someone with some technical background. In addition to the software guys posting, that is.

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