Plastics: Massachusetts bans govt purchase of products in single use plastic containers

" Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey signed an executive order on Thursday banning state agencies from purchasing single-use plastic bottles.

Healey calls the ban, which centers around plastic bottles 21 ounces or less, “groundbreaking.”"

Will this have significant impact? Probably result in purchase of more products in metal containers.

A step in the right direction?

What about shampoo? Toothpaste? Can the restaurant buy gallon bottles of vinegar? Glass only? Metal?


Do many state agencies purchase shampoo and toothpaste? Maybe homeless shelters? Also, how many restaurants are state agencies??? Cafeterias at govt offices maybe?

Yes, in most states prisons and mental hospitals, etc are state agencies.

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Like you said, they probably buy gallon size containers. And those are larger than 21 ounces, so are permitted. Do prisons supply 16 oz (or 1/2 liter) bottles of water to their inmates? Or 20 oz gatorades?

Yep, and gallon size toothpaste tubes sounds interesting. How about a return to lead tubes?

None of that is the point. The heart of it is supporting factories that work with other than plastic. It makes such products come into being sooner as the norm.


Yes, new systems can result in the ideal. But probably they will switch to aluminum or steel cans or bottles. They are already available and can easily be filled with water, etc. Whatever is needed.

How about bio-degradable plastics?

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This should work.


Hemp works great in plumbing and bag pipes, it swells when wet making the joints water and air tight.

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played the bags pipes in high school.


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