Canadian Pacific -- Kansas City Southern Merger approved–68801?oly_enc_id=0240G5852612I5U&utm_medium=email&utm_source=prdailynews&utm_campaign=prnewsletter-2023&fbclid=IwAR1MXsaHDVLa-bmYXC5JSKQ7gOoo0HltZVeB_USdHwnBleHTJ1mYrj6bNb8

“will be known as Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) and will be the smallest of the Class Is. The merger creates the first railroad providing single-line service spanning Canada, the United States and Mexico.”

"The decision authorizes CP to exercise control of KCS as early as April 14 at or after which point CP and KCS would combine to create the new CPKC, CP and KCS officials said in a joint press release.

“CP is reviewing the full 212-page decision in detail and in the coming days will announce its plans with respect to the creation of CPKC.”


News reports this morning say the merger will be challenged in court. Not quite a done deal, but maybe soon.