"CAPS top Motley Fool recommendations"

Last year, MF published what they called “CAPS top Motley Fool recommendations”, which were a list of companies that were rated highest by the top CAPS players (different from the “High-Rated Stocks” list, which you can easily get on the CAPS site). I’ve not seen anything published in a long time, and cannot find this on the website. Is it still being done?


Go to CAPs Fool Ticker Rankings and make your choices for criteria. The info is still there in the screener.

Is there a criteria for looking at just the ratings of the highest rated CAPS players? I couldn’t find it.

Under the CAPs tab, click Players.


Sorry if I’m being dense, but I’m still not seeing how to get the info I’m looking for. What I believe MF was calling the “CAPS top Motley Fool recommendations” was the say top 10 rated stocks, rated by the say top 50 CAPS players. So I would want to go to the Stocks page, and then filter on using only the ratings from the top players, and then find the top 10 stocks with this filter. But I do not see such a filter on the stocks page.

I don’t know anything about CAPS top Motley Fool recommendation, but the info is available.

This can vary with your browser and equipment but on mine the tabs are:

Across the top of my screen. The info you want is under the CAPs tab. Either stocks or players. You can set the parameters you want to select out some players or some stocks. Once you have those, you can easily see their CAPs portfolio or lists of others playing those stocks.