CAPS down⬇️. Is it out?

CAPS down for the count! It’s been over a month. Is it ever coming back?
Motley Fool seems to have given up. How long before it is all over?:frowning:

New CAPS was dropped in awhile back. You should be able to log in and see your CAPS Player page, Pick stocks, etc.

The New CAPS does not have all of the features of Old CAPS, but TMF seems to be adding things over time. The Old CAPS is not coming back.

Can you not get logged? Does your Player page not appear?

Try the standard company responses to situations like this:
clear your cache;
try a different browser;
reboot your system:


Works for me today. Not like it was but still has useful data.

It should be possible for TMF to revert to the old version, but it’s not clear why they have not. This rollout should have been seamless, but it looks like the work of someone who’s never done something like this before. My guess is they are trying to kill it.

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You might suspect funds change hands for the stock data they use. The revision is part of their cost cutting program. You would be surprised to see them go back. Unless of course some advertiser is found to foot the bill.

I’ve been getting this notice for a while now:

“ We are currently updating CAPS to new and improved technology. You may notice some changes in rankings and design as we work through this process. Thank you for your patience.”

Much of the functionality is gone. It is no longer a fun place to come. If it wasn’t for Saul’s board, I would drop Motley Fool completely.