What will the new CAPS look like?

Is there anywhere that tells us about this update they are doing? I lost my favorite player list and a few other things it seems. Is that coming back? I always liked to follow a few top players and compare my picks to theirs.


So many of the “improvements“ on this site make things worse. Old message boards were terrible, these are terrible in a different way. Hope they don’t ruin CAPS but doesn’t seem promising.

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I’m hoping that they have not eliminated the alerts that told me which of my stocks had changes in their CAPS rating every day. I’m not talking about the numerical rating, which seems to be new (e.g. AAPL currently has a rating of 68.63), but the 1-5 star rating that used to be clearly visible. I can’t even find that anymore, so I guess it’s not only the alerts that I’m missing.

We are currently updating CAPS to new and improved technology.

Sounds great, but so far all I see is missing functionality.

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There is not much I can do, these days. And, I am as much in the dark as any other Player, but I can get you your Favorite Player List. Email me at cwilson@11below.com and I can send it to you.

I wish they would bring back the top 10 lists… those were fun :slight_smile: especially the recent picks list.

CAPS is great. I would be willing to pay to stay on it.