Casey's Pizza App & New States Growth

…The second distribution center “will allow us to extend the geography of our search for new sites, not only from an organic perspective but also from an acquisition perspective,” Walljasper said.

The “mileage reach” for a Casey’s distribution center is about a 500-mile radius, he said. That could bring in new states like Michigan and Ohio, as well as the opportunity to expand further east in Tennessee and Kentucky and further south into Arkansas.

…Meanwhile, the retailer will be launching its mobile app soon that will allow customers to order pizza and other fare from their cellphones and other mobile devices. It previously offered online ordering available only from a website, and included only pizza and two-liter sodas. In May 2015, Walljasper said the convenience-store chain would add a mobile app in time for the complete rollout and make sub sandwiches available, as well.

The app, to be released later this month with a comprehensive campaign planned for January, will allow Casey’s to reach more customers.

“That’s where I think you’ll start to see the traction and benefit from online ordering really take hold,” Walljasper said. It’s a service that many Casey’s customers are demanding, he said, comparing it to the rollout of pay at the pump.

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