Charging price increase

Böse Überraschung für E-Auto-Fahrer: Stadtwerke München ziehen Preise fürs Laden merklich an
Bad surprise for e-car drivers: Munich noticeably increases charging prices…
The energy transition is becoming more expensive for electric car drivers…Munich’s public utility company (SWM) is raising the price of electricity significantly by up to 81%…

At AC charging stations, the electricity price will rise from 38 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) to 49 cents/kWh, while at DC fast-charging stations the amount will jump from the current 38 cents/kWh to a whopping 69 cents per kWh.



News out of the UK:

Highland Council has proposed more than doubling the price of using most of its electric vehicle charging points due to increased costs of running its network…Highland said its electricity supply costs had risen 160% since 2020 due to higher energy costs and the installation of more chargers…

The local authority has a network of 85 charging points [less than one per 100 square miles]…

Electricity supply costs were about £50,000 in 2020 and in excess of £130,000 now.

Petrol in Scotland is up 30% over the last two years.

Likely as a result of higher energy prices due to Russia sanctions.

However, petrol there is up 30% from two years ago. The cost of electricity (not from oil) in contrast is up 160%.