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What are you doing with the market down today? What are people thinking of buying and/or selling or just holding? I am going to finally exit MELI and BIDU with much smaller gains than I had at one time and add to some stocks. This will take me to 28 stocks so I am closing in on the 25 number at which I want to be. I have a lot of AMBA and SWKS so I am probably not adding to those two. I may wait until Monday before I add to let the dust settle some.

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I’m just watching the show. I have a good bit of cash but would rather wait for a deeper sell off.

I was buying this week but still have a lot of cash. I have spent a little time this Asian morning sorting through the rubble. Always interesting to try to see any themes displayed in the debris and to look for companies that don’t fit. Check the “over/under” vs. S&P performance.
Food and cosmetics did the best, not surprising. Got to eat and look good. On the under side, transportation, advertising and stocks vulnerable to profit taking. Also, cell phone and China.
What stands out on the under side are ANET and INFN. These are modern day pick and shovel companies. INFN vulnerable to profit taking but I don’t see the internet traffic growth slowing.
I will be taking small bites of what the market offers and that looks like ANET, INFN and maybe SEDG and Centene. CNC is a provider of plans and services for government health care programs. Market hasn’t liked their purchase of Healthnet but if Mr. Market has recession fears this would seem to be a conservative holding.
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Hi KC,

I’ve been buying a bit, too. I added to positions in SKX (even though it’s my largest portion at 8.5%), SWKS, INFN, INBK, ABMD, and ANET. I think I am going to pick up some more AMBA if it hits closer to 95, since my current position totals 4%, and I want it at 5%. Then I’m pretty much done.

I know everyone seems to be running for the exits, at least the CNBC people and various pundits. But this craziness will pass. And what went down will go back up. It’s such a relief knowing the fundamentals of my companies are sound, and that nothing I own is overvalued. Okay, I do own PANW, FEYE, NFLX and CMG, and yes, they are priced for much future perfection. But I can see why they deserve their projected gross numbers, I am comfortable with their growth and management, and I’m sticking with them. They also take up a lesser portion of my total portfolio, so if it takes time for them to deliver, that’s fine with me.

Thanks, all, for your ongoing great information and dedication to this board. I sure appreciate it, and hope to be able to contribute more numbers-wise as I get more comfortable sharing what I crunch.


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I checked the stock prices while on vacation and I might have an itchy trigger finger. I bought some Disney a while earlier and I might want to buy a little AMBA or sell a put on it, or both.