Chat-GPT passes Harvard with ease

{{ The graded essays revealed a stunning reality: ChatGPT could pass Harvard classes.

“It got a 3.34 GPA, mostly As and Bs, one C,” Bodnick said in an interview. “That’s not a great GPA for Harvard, but it’s well above a passing grade.”

The experiment reveals a major challenge for educators scrambling to keep up with the fast-pace adoption of a tool that is hard to detect and capable of composing college-level prose. Professors are now reconfiguring course assignments and creating guidelines for students on when and how they can use ChatGPT, and when it crosses the line into cheating. Bodnick’s experiment also underscores the threat artificial intelligence poses to scores of entry-level jobs in consulting, banking, journalism, and software engineering that graduates of top tier schools have prepared for and historically snatched up with ease.}}



Proof that all you need to succeed is to regurgitate Conventional Wisdom. Coming up with innovation is grounds for rejection.

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