China EV News…
Audi EV plant construction begins in China
Audi has begun construction of a plant in China that will yield 150,000 EVs a year.…
ales of electric vehicles in China hit a record in June with nearly 596,000 EVs sold, surpassing the previous best of 531,000 EVs in December 2021, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

June sales were up almost 133 per cent on an annual basis and more than 33 per cent on the month.

This brings the total EVs sold in the country to 2.51 million units in the first half of the year, close to a 130 per cent year-on-year increase, said Abhishek Murali, senior analyst at Rystad Energy.…
China electric-car makers BYD, Xpeng, Li Auto, Nio stand to benefit as lower loan rates recharge sales after Covid-19 woes

More young drivers are taking out loans to buy long-coveted cars, making the sector a new bright spot in China’s economy. While overall gross domestic product growth has stalled and the housing market is in distress, the electric-car market looks set for healthy acceleration despite the havoc a two-month lockdown in Shanghai brought to China’s “Motown”.


China would love to eat our lunch.

People resisting alternative energy and EV are letting China in to have at it.

God bless those fossil fuel stocks. We just will take second place later on as a country. Means at the end of the day the invests in fossil fuels end up as crap anyway. If you think you are playing for a high stock price today…that is a fool’s errand if you are selling tomorrow. Basic math.

Thanks but no thanks.